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Efektywne zarządzanie projektami. Wydanie 7
Efektywne zarządzanie projektami. Wydanie 7
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Java. Efektywne programowanie. Wydanie III
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Sustainable Management - Marketing Perspective. Essence, Determinants and Manifestaion

Dostępność: brak towaru
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Producent: Oficyna Wyd.Politechniki Warszawskiej
Kod produktu: 00_F5334


autor: Seretny Marek
wydawca: Oficyna Wyd.Politechniki Warszawskiej
rok wydania: 2018
ilość stron: 100
oprawa: miękka
format: B5
ISBN: 9788378147695
EAN: 9788378147695


The reviewed work, according to its author, aims to „start a discussion on the innovative approach to management, which will lead to the reorientation of management activities so that they take into account the concept of sustainability as a new management imperative”. (…) The author recognizes contemporary challenges for business management in the conditions of the new economy and globalization. The review of the theory and practice of management presented in the work is the starting point for the indication of the need to change the paradigm of Foreword functioning of modern enterprises and to seek the relationship between sustainability (including in particular marketing) and their market success.
The publication may be really useful in the education of contemporary managers. (…) The study contains wide, comprehensive and state-of-the-art knowledge in the field of management in modern economy and marketing as an organization’s activity. (…) The reviewed monograph, after minor formal changes, can successfully fill the gap in knowledge in the field of social and ethical responsibility of enterprises and managers, in particular in the field of marketing. It can become a valuable position recommended to students of management, but also at numerous postgraduate programs in management and marketing as well as MBA studies.

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